Barbed Wire

Product Description

With crime and vandalism an ever increasing threat, protecting your property from theft and damage is a priority. Anti-climb Security Systems from Corden can provide one of the most effective and preventative security measure to protect your property. Cost-effective and easy to install Barbed Wire can be ordered and delivered quickly through the Corden national distribution centre.

Product Features

  • Galvanised Mild Steel Barbed Wire - 200metre reel 2.5mm Wire
  • Galvanized High tensile Barbwire – 200 metre reel 1.7mm Wire


  • Commercial & industrial premises
  • Car parks
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Communication towers
  • Electricity pylons
  • Drain pipes
  • Fences, walls, gates, steel palisades
  • Poles & towers for CCTV cameras

Razor Barbed Coils are individually Boxed in strengthened cartons along with a “Danger” Display Sign. Also available in stainless steel. Razor Tape is wound onto plastic spools to comply with health & safety at work regulations.

barbed wire