Cordguard Anti-Climb

Product Description

A freely rotating anti-scaling security obstacle manufactured from high tensile alloy tube and assembled to form six vanes per element.

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Product Features

Aluminium vanes extruded alloy
BS6082 T4: OD 31.75mm x 2.5mm

Theoretical weight: 0.173Kg each

Overall diameter of assembled elements: approx 400mm.

Colours: Natural,  Polyester colour coated


Extruded round tube
BS1471: 1986(BS6082)

OD: 1 inch x 14 gauge (25mm x 2mm)


Dimensions: 40mm x 8mm

Mild steel or aluminium twice drilled to receive M8 fixing bolts.

Choice of finish to customer specification, natural, coated or galvanized.


Product Applications

All situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely and particularly where Public Liability legislation applies. Also in environmentally sensitive areas where an inoffensive appearance is important. Examples include cmmercial and industrial sites, schools, vehicle parking areas, domestic, sports and leisure areas.


Cordguard Anti-Climb can either be bolted to walls using expandable through bolts or clamped or welded to fences and gates. Stanchions should be adjusted to support Vandgard centrally over the wall or fence with a clearance not exceeding 50mm in order to eliminate any stable platform or foothold.