Stock Fencing

Traditional farmers fence used for keeping in sheep, pigs and cattle, Stock Fencing is one of Corden Perimeter Systems most popular range and available in style C/8/80/15 line wire, 80 cm high with 15cm between vertical wires.

This is a cost-effective fence and as such is often used as a general purpose fence / boundary marker in addition to the livestock role. The 1.2m high stock fence is very often used as a fence for dogs, the close mesh at the base of the fence preventing the smaller dogs from pushing through the fence, and the 1.2m height of the fence makes it that much harder to jump.

Light Pattern – Developed as an economical fence for situations where perhaps a fence is required on a temporary basis only.

Medium Pattern – Traditionally this has been the most popular fence for permanent applications as it so versatile. With the addition of a top line of plain or barb wire the fence height can be raised to suit pigs, sheep, cattle and horses.

Heavy Pattern – Generally used where fencing may be difficult to erect and the fence is required to last a long time.

High Tensile – Used extensively by professional fencers where higher tensile wire allows the fence to be tensioned more without stretching the wire. With high tensile stock fence you can also use fewer posts which can give considerable cost savings.

Product Specifications